5 Benefits of Having Natural Light in Your Home

We all know that unique feeling resulting from a successful sun basking. That’s because natural light has both physical and emotional health benefits. Indeed, these benefits are known to researchers all over the globe, so much so that the positive benefits of having natural light throughout the home should be common knowledge by now. This effectively reframes the question “do the sun’s rays offer any health benefits?” to “how do I maximize natural light in my home?” If you still are not convinced, here is a brief list of five benefits of having natural light in your home.

1. Sustainability

The best thing about natural lighting is that it is available for free. Consequently, implementing natural light as much as possible has a positive impact on the sustainability of every building it is a part of. This is because those using natural light are burning fewer fossil fuel and/or using electricity, which is of great benefit to the environment. Additionally, amplifying the amount of natural sunlight is a great way to reduce the prevalence of dangerous chemicals such as mercury, carbon, and sulfur dioxide. Even better, making one’s home susceptible to natural light has never been easier. Homeowners have plenty of options, including energy-saving windows and doors, which reduce emissions while allowing as much light as possible.

2. Health Benefits

In addition to providing a fresh aesthetic, natural light guards against the prevalence of antagonistic organisms and bacteria that are common to any home. Essentially, one could think of sunlight as an organic disinfectant with regenerative properties. Some of the health benefits include an upsurge in vitamin B and vitamin D, ultraviolet rays that act as organic antiseptics, a healthy complexion, improved digestion and increased appetite, increased red and white blood cell count, improved circulation, a formidable immune system, increased endorphin and serotonin production, increased energy, resilient organs, better sleep, and balanced hormones, just to name a few. However, this is a relatively short list compared to the innumerable other benefits provided by natural light. After all, the sun is the sole reason we are all to survive on this planet!

3. Economics

Clever implementation of natural sunlight throughout one’s home provides an effective means of reducing one’s utility bills. However, simply implementing more natural sunlight is not the only step required to reduce monthly bills. It is also important to minimize the amount of air that seeps in or is lost via cracks and crevices of both windows and doors. This unfortunate feature is common in most old doors and windows, and it is something the government is actively taking steps to reduce. Where old windows and doors inherently waste energy, modernized windows and doors save energy.

Combined, new windows and an effective natural light configuration can drastically reduce one’s utility bills. Even better, using more natural light reduces one’s dependence on electricity! If you are looking into replacing your windows, consider Renewal by Andersen window replacement. To help you get an idea of what is available, Andersen offers a handy app that affords users the ability to upload photos of their home, create a 3D rendering, and preview what certain windows will look like. Talk about the convenience of modern technology!

4. Safety Considerations

When it comes to artificial light sources, it is important to consider all the problems that could potentially occur throughout one’s home. Some of these include electrical fires, poorly lit rooms, and dismal moods. While electrical fires are certainly a concern, inadequately lit rooms can cause all sorts of mood swings and result in in-home accidents and other problems. Conversely, implementing natural light can drastically improve one’s general outlook and keep rooms visible for everyone’s enjoyment. Additionally, as mentioned above, reducing the total amount of artificial lighting greatly reduces the amount of electricity expended on a daily basis.

5. Psychology

Some days, the sun can really make all the difference between an inherently optimistic outlook and a pessimistic one. An environment rich in sunlight is often characteristically enlivened and positive, even if one is not in the best of moods. Science supports these claims: several recent studies have demonstrated that individuals working in sunlit areas have a lengthier short-term memory than those who work in darker conditions or with artificial lighting. Additionally, workers in an environment with natural sunlight tend to be absent less than their counterparts. While the home is not a workplace for most, infusing it with such energy will greatly amplify your quality of life. After all, shouldn’t your domicile be your sanctuary?