Beautiful Backyards: Great Exterior Design Options

Now that warmer weather is approaching, with spring and the coming summer, many homeowners are starting to pay more attention to the garden and other exterior areas, and there are some great design options large and small to create some wonderful additions outside.

From expansive patios to small stone features, there’s something to fit just about every budget and style. So regardless of the size of the property, transforming backyards is easy and affordable. In fact, the only difficult choice that people make is choosing which type of project to pursue, and which are the best materials to achieve whatever the desired look might be.

Many popular substances used for interior decoration work just as well for exterior projects, including granite, travertine (a type of limestone) and naturally occurring quartzite. It’s also possible to use stacked stone ledgers – these are light-weight panels that have a surface covering of natural materials like travertine to help achieve a stone look but at a lower price.

One grand scale project for transforming backyards is to build out a beautiful patio, using stacked stone panels in white and brown shades of travertine. The stacked stone is produced in rectangles of varying heights, widths, and depths and laid next to each other to create a three-dimensional appearance that works tremendously as a subtle color scheme for the surround of a large fireplace as the central focal point of an elegant patio that leads into the house.

For a smaller-scale but still captivating image, instead of a fireplace, build out a fire pit and surround it with white granite that has prominent veins of gray, gold, and hints of red. This creates a modern and stylish look that will invite visitors to gather round and warm by the fire.

Instead of making a fireplace the focal point of the backyard, consider the benefits of a cascading water feature. Surround the walls of the waterfalls with quartzite stacked stone in whites, browns, and golds for a soft, welcoming color scheme that create a relaxing atmosphere.

Slate is another material that works well for backyard projects, especially with outside dining areas. Use stacked stone slate in shades of grays, golds, greens, and blues for a rustic appearance that will make the dining area feel like the countryside – even if it’s a city center backyard.

If the examples listed sound too grand or expensive, there are even smaller-scale projects available that will bring down the cost of transforming a backyard. Consider using stones to create a path around the garden, or used stacked stone panels to line a flower garden, or even take a simplistic approach and use small stone pebbles for a unique way to fill parts of the backyard.

Above are just a handful of examples of the many ways that it’s possible to use fantastic materials to create eye-catching features that will truly transform a backyard, and they help to show why paying as much attention to the exterior as the interior can help to make a home magnificent.