Easy Ways to Prevent Electrical Hazards

Are you settling in a new home? Things that you should worry about the most includes the electric wiring of your new home. Even if you are staying in your old, you should keep check on the systems for safety of your family. Here are ten easy way to prevent these electrical hazards-

Hire only expert in electrician singapore for installations, repairing and dismantle jobs

Make sure everything is completed according to prescribed electrical safety codes as this will ensure greater protection for your family and the workers that will be using the wiring to power tools and outlets. Also, you should bring in a professional electrician to prevent accidents which might take place when you employ a less-qualified individuals for attempting electrical jobs.

Do not forget to plug into a GFCI.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter protection is mandatorily needed at every plug-in point where electric job is going on. Also, you have to make sure that only GFCI receptacles are installed and are kept handy especially when extra grounding needs arise.

Check each extension cord before use.

You should ensure that extension cord is completely intact (free from cracks, tears, or abrasion) and that these cables haven’t been knotted, that can cause damage in conductor and increase the risk of fire.

Inspect electrical wiring before cutting through any wall, floor or ceiling

This it to avoid contact of wiring with any tool or with an unseen electrical line. Even the person holding tool is likely to be get electrocuted. Always go through the situation before you get started with any kind of electrician work.

Check  power tools on a regular basis.

Keep inspecting the  tools’ power cords and electric plugs for any sign of damage to the wiring. If you can see signs of excessive wear and tear, you need to call in the vendor which is famous for 24 hours electrician to get them properly repaired.

Check insulated tools for damage before each use

Make sure the insulation layer of the hand tool is not nicked, cracked or cut. If this is the case the tool is no longer effectively insulated  and is no more of use. Because it has actually become more of an electrical conductor and can cause you risk. You need to destroy and replace the tool right away if the insulation is damaged.

Never modify electrical plugs

Never file down the blades or remove the ground pin or modify a plug to make it fittable  into a socket. If you do so, it will increase the chances of shock and  electrocution. You should hire a certified electrician for this infra change or replace receptacles with grounded outlets.