How Important is regular Aircon maintenance and what is  chemical wash

In today’s environmental conditions, aircons have become indispensable part of every home and office.  Our bodies have become so used to the fresh and cool air provided by aircons that it is virtually impossible to live without them anymore. Wherever we go, we just need to have aircons to be comfortable, whether it’s in home, office or a movie theatre.

Since aircons have become so indispensable to our life, we use it virtually 24×7. Such heavy usage of aircons requires regular maintenance, service and repairs done by a company which is famous for aircon repairs . This is because both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of aircons work very hard and take a lot to provide us comfort. The indoor unit has to take care of excess moisture in the air and remove it regularly while the outdoor unit takes in a lot of dust.

Over time, as more and more dust and dirt gets stored in the aircon units, they work harder and harder and hence use lots of refrigerant and electricity to provide us a comfortable environment. Hence, one must regularly get the aircons cleaned and washed with special chemicals. And it is extremely important to get the job done by a company which is famous for aircon maintenance, service and repairs, as any lapse in carrying out the procedure can potentially damage the whole unit completely.

Chemical washing of aircons is a special method which involves treating aircon units with special chemicals and carefully cleaning each and every important part of the aircon units to make its operation smooth and also killing any bacteria and germs in the units to provide odourless air.

Cleaning aircons with chemical was is important because of following reasons-

  1. Aircons would be working less efficiently if not cleaned with chemical was regularly
  2. Aircons take up more electricity than they should if not cleaned with chemical was regularly
  3. Aircons emit a strange odour over time when bacteria get accumulated in it
  4. Aircons use more refrigerant to cool the area and hence emit more toxic gases in the environment, if not cleaned with chemical was regularly

Servicing aircon with chemical wash is an intricate process and hence should be done by a professional company which is famous for aircon chemical wash.