Things one must keep in mind before hiring part time  nanny and maid

In today’s hustle bustle where parents are really busy in earning and doing things for the best of their kids there are times when they tend to ignore the needs and time which is to be given to the child . an ignored child can develop set of bad habits and it can be dangerous for the kid and the parents , so there is a genuine need  of someone who can look after the kid. In parents mind there one person who can do babysitting.

A nanny is someone who can look after the kid without demanding time herself  there are a few tips for hiring part time nanny .

A parent should make sure that once they start looking for a nanny they should be clear with one thing that their child is getting full attention of the hired nanny . a child’s emotional need is getting fulfilled by the concerned person .

When the parent  are hiring a nanny they must make sure that his/her security is taken care as they should clear things  with the nanny that the kid is remaining in the similar environment that is his own place of comfort and safety .

When it comes to hiring a nanny there should be proper comparison made with that of the day care services as what benefits the child more .

Parents must ensure that the nanny takes care of the cleanliness of  the child , she takes care of the proper hygiene.

Parents should check whether the language and conduct of the nanny is apt with that of the child many time this happens kids do imitate and if the nanny is not well behaved herself there are chances that our child may not be comfortable in her company and later may adopt her habits .

As we discussed things should be kept in mind while hiring a nanny there are things which should be kept in mind while hiring a “Maid “

Tips for hiring part time maid

A maid is a stress reliever when it comes to doing the household and other related tasks at home one must make sure or one must keep a few things in mind while hiring a maid .

A maid should be punctual with the time . we are so caught up in doing the daily things and if the maid is not punctual that is little bit annoying at times .

List of the Duties should be clear with the maid .

The maid should ensure there is proper cleanliness and hygiene  maintained  .

A maid should be particular about the tasks given to her .

Number of holidays taken by her should be informed prior the day of her absence .

She should be a quick learner and obedient .

One must be clear about there needs and they should accordingly look for the companies who would help to hire the  maid and nanny ‘s