What Should You Do After Your Home Is Flooded?

One of the worst nightmares for any homeowner is to come home to discover that their home has been flooded. The damage to the house itself is only part of the problem. There could also be items destroyed during the flood that are irreplaceable. The decisions you make during the immediate aftermath of a flood will be critical to determining how easy your recovery will be. It is normal for a person to be in shock during a flood or some other disaster. However, you must pull yourself together and collect your thoughts so your home and possessions can be saved. Here are the steps you need to take to get the flood recovery process started.

  1. Remove as many possessions as you can on your own.

There will most likely be many smaller items that you or your family members will be able to carry out of the flooded part of your home by hand. Get these items out of your home as soon as possible to limit their exposure to the water. Put them in an area where they can begin to dry. Do not try to carry out the very heavy items. You might end up damaging them even more. Wait until you can get help to lift out the heavy items safely.

  1. Contact the company that insures your home.

Your insurance company needs to be informed about the flood right away. Tell them as much info as you can. You can then start the process of filing a claim with your insurance company. A claims adjuster will then be sent to your home so he or she can survey all of the damage. It is very important to stay in constant contact with your insurance company during the entire process until you receive your settlement check for the damage to your home.

  1. Call a company that specializes in repairing flooded homes.

It would be wise to immediately get in contact with a flood restoration service. This is a company that has the experience, equipment and skill that is needed to get your home looking like new again in no time at all. They have pumps that can quickly remove any standing water that remains in your home. They also have special machines that can be used to speed the drying process in rooms of your home that have been affected by the flood. The machines can also be used to dry off the possessions that you have already removed from your home. The people working for the flood restoration company will assist you in removing large items that you were unable to lift on your own.